Multimedia biography of Karol Wojtyła

The biography is an excellent educational and popularization tool. It takes Internet users on a journey through the adventurous life of Karol Wojtyła. To start with, we open the first three chapters of the biogram. By October this year we will have unveiled four more chapters - until the Conclave in 1978.

Although the whole portal is a real treasury of information about John Paul II, it is worth paying special attention to the multimedia biography. With the help of interesting images, animations, audiovisual materials and text we would like to show the events, people and places that shaped Karol Wojtyła as a man and future pope. Seven chapters of his biography, which we will gradually reveal to the public starting from May 18th ( his date of birth, 1920) to October 16th ( the date of conclave in 1978), tells about the successive stages and aspects of Karol Wojtyla's life which led him to the Holy See. We called them: Lolek, Karol, Priest, Uncle, Shepherd, Professor and John Paul II.

Some of the materials illustrating this rich biography will be premiered here, and many others have not yet been known to the wider public. There will also be a lot of curiosities and mysterious moments. Among other things, Internet users will find out why Karol Wojtyla defended his doctoral thesis in Rome, but did not receive a degree; what conspiracy organization he joined during the German occupation in 1940; and what happened to him after a serious accident when he was hit by a truck in 1944.