Thousands of archival materials documenting the life and pontificate of John Paul II have been made available on JP2online as a result of cooperation between many partner institutions. They have located the resources related to this subject in their archives, and then transferred them to the Centre for Thoughts of John Paul II for technical and content-related development, which results in their efficient and easy search on the portal.
Common mission
The idea of gathering in one place on the Internet source materials related to the Pope, so far scattered in various archives, often inaccessible or difficult to access for all those interested in them, was born in the Centre for Thoughts of John Paul II. Together with the organizations invited to cooperate, we were united by a common thinking about John Paul II's legacy as an international heritage and treasure of Polish culture and a sense of responsibility for it. Therefore, we are working to ensure that every teacher, educator, student or journalist can easily reach credible sources and touch the rich biography of Karol Wojtyła so as to get to know not only his personal history or teaching content, but also the historical, social and cultural context that shaped him as a human being. From among kilometers of documents, films and broadcasts, memories of witnesses and photographs, the image of a man emerges, whose character, spirituality and passions were shaped by the multicultural environment of his childhood, great personalities, and stormy events of history...
Involvement of our partners:
  • Polish Radio S.A. - 925 broadcasts and 286 sound recordings of homilies delivered in Poland
  • Institute of National Remembrance, Branch in Kraków - 1630 documents
  • Naczelna Dyrekcja Archiwów Państwowych - queries in 32 subordinate archives
  • Franciscan Monastery in Niepokalanow - 2000 photographs by Br Cyprian Grodzki
  • Archdiocese of Warsaw - 628 documents and 10 hours of audio recordings
  • Archiwum Akt Nowych in Warsaw - 541 documents
  • National Archives in Krakow - 272 documents
  • Tertio Millennio Institute - 60 video interviews with pontificate witnesses
  • Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus - documentaries by Fr. Adam Italian SCJ
  • The Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum) - documentation of studies in Rome
Infectious concept
Thanks to a modern tool, which is the JP2online portal, we want to contribute to an in-depth knowledge of John Paul II, which goes far beyond saying that he was great. We hope to infect other state and church institutions, organizations and individuals with this mission - all those who created, produced or have in their resources materials concerning the life and ministry of the Polish Pope.

We invite you to join the group of JP2online project partners, according to the following principles of partnership:
  • Clear, documented legal situation of materials
    (possession of property copyrights or the right to dispose of a given resource)
  • The scope of use of the materials provided is determined individually with each partner
    (it is the owner of the archives who decides how to use them)
  • The property rights remain with the owner of the archives
    (The Centre only receives permission/licence to develop materials and make them available on the portal)
  • The materials are available on JP2online free of charge
    (no charge for viewing and downloading)
  • Only licenses to use downloaded materials for non-commercial purposes can be granted through the portal
    (if someone wants to use them on a different basis, we give the contact to the owner of the file).

„Realizowana od ubiegłego roku współpraca z Centrum Myśli Jana Pawła II rozpoczęła się już w 2018 roku, kiedy Archiwum Narodowe w Krakowie przeprowadziło kompleksową kwerendę, mającą na celu wskazanie wszystkich materiałów odnoszących się do osoby Karola Wojtyły/ papieża Jana Pawła II. W oparciu o jej wyniki Centrum wytypowało część dokumentów do skanowania, a następnie przygotowało ich skany do udostępnienia. Stworzony z wykorzystaniem dostępnych narzędzi do prezentacji czy przeprowadzania kwerendy Portal daje nieocenione źródło do prowadzenia badań różnych grup odbiorców - od naukowców, poprzez nauczycieli, uczniów po wszystkich obywateli realizujących swoje potrzeby poznawcze. Gratuluję Centrum inicjatywy a całemu zaangażowanemu Zespołowi życzę dalszych sukcesów. Deklaruję kontynuację współpracy i pomoc merytoryczną Archiwum Narodowego w Krakowie”.

dr hab. Wojciech Krawczuk, dyrektor Archiwum Narodowego w Krakowie