Stefan Wyszyński's letter to John Paul II

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Archive description
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AAW SPP_II_17.24_310-311
Stefan Wyszyński's letter to John Paul II
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2 karty; papierowy dokument archiwalny
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Archiwum Archidiecezjalne Warszawskie
Archiwum Archidiecezjalne Warszawskie
A copy of Stefan Wyszyński's letter to John Paul II. The Primate expresses his thanks to the Pope for the two previous letters (the first one sent to the feast of Our Lady of Czestochowa, the latter with wishes for the Primate). The Primate informs the Pope that on the 16th of October would start monthly services for the Pope's intention held in Polish parishes, and describes how he spent his holidays that year. The Primate expresses his longing for Cardinal Karol's company, a longing that was given to him and the rest of the Primate's Institute during the holidays. Moreover, the Primate informs the Pope about the collection of social observations after his last visit to Poland (no copy of the attachment), the typescript dated 22 August 1979, initialled by Stefan Wyszynski, and with the handwritten information „taken by Bishop Cardinal Rubin 22.8.79 "No. 21.
Content of the document
Beloved Holy Father,
It was a great joy for me to have two letters from Your Holiness.
The first one for the Solemnity of Our Lady of Czestochowa has been copied and sent to the Bishops Ordinaries. It will be used on August 26, the day of Thanksgiving Prayer for the Holy Father's visit to Poland.
Starting from October 16, each month on this day, there will be a special service for the intention of Your Holiness held in Polish churches. These prayers will be preceded by a letter from the Episcopate, which will be read on October 14, 1979, explaining the meaning this prayer should have for the faithful.
Your Holiness's letter will be of great use in emphasizing the purpose of our prayer on the 16th of each month.
The second letter was more family-like and was a trigger for even more eager prayer. During the summer month of July, praying every day for the Holy Father's intentions in the chapel of the House of the Sisters of the Virgin Mary's Family in Studzieniczna - we recalled those good days when we were together.
There was no meal or walk, especially a hike to the lake, that would not bring back memories from Bachledowka and Fiszor. Our young people still remember a lot of nice family holiday contacts. Sometimes we even "regretted" that the Dearest Guest could not visit us that time. Various non-theological thoughts prevailed over the contemporary mission of our Dearest Guest, especially from Fiszor. All those present in Studzieniczna always included the Holy Father in the common breviary and in every common Mass. Even singing together, we listened to the voice of the Dearest Cardinal Karol. This year there were only 10 of us from the Institute and Fr[Father] (editor's note: Bronisław Piasecki), the Chaplain, who had to leave to undergo an appendicitis surgery, which he had been detected with just in time by Dr. Dzidka , and that fortunaltly had a happy ending. This year, even Marysia (editor's note: Maria Okońska), who is so difficult to drag away from her editorial work, set off on a boat or water bicycle to the lake. We consider it a miracle. But the beautiful forest aura, vast waters and clean air certainly contributed to this. We came back to Warsaw relaxed and strengthened.
Together with the whole team, we are sending words of honor and the kissing of the Apostolic Legs of the Head of the Church. Right now we are praying for the intended trips to Ireland and the USA. We trust that the Blessed Mother will have Your Holiness in her care.
We are currently gathering our social observations after the Holy Father's visit to Poland. We all come to the conclusion that this stay was a grace for the Church in Poland and for the whole Nation. Even in party circles those who did not like it fully will remain silent.So they see the positive values of the work of the Head of the Church in Poland.
With this letter, please find my „Remarks and Observations” taken down during the holidays. Of course, these are only some thoughts, not a paper. I would ask you to devote a few moments of your time to them.
With a grateful heart I recall the great kindness of Your Holiness to us during your June visit, as well as to the Members of the Institute who had come back from Rome, rejoicing in the goodness shown to them by the Holy Father.
With faith and humility, I kiss the Hand of Your Holiness and assure you of my constant prayer, especially in the morning at 6 o'clock and in the evening for the Jasna Góra Appeal. All home members, the entire Primate's Secretariat, the Bishops' Secretariat and the entire Institute give their regards.
Warsaw, 22 August 1979
+ Stefan Kardynał Wyszyński