Letter from Primate Wyszyński to John Paul II after his pilgrimage to Mexico, February 1979.

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Archive description
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AAW SPP_II_17.24_74-75
Letter from Primate Wyszyński to John Paul II after his pilgrimage to Mexico, February 1979.
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2 sheets; paper archival document
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Archiwum Archidiecezjalne Warszawskie
Archiwum Archidiecezjalne Warszawskie
Draft of the letter of Primate Wyszyński to John Paul II of 14 February 1979. The Primate suggests John Paul II take a more extended rest after his trip to Mexico (John Paul II’s first pilgrimage, Dominican Republic-Mexico-Bahamas, 25 January to 1 February 1979), reflects on the Church based on his observations of accounts from that pilgrimage, and mentions John Paul II’s planned pilgrimage to Poland. The manuscript by Stefan Wyszyński of 14 February 1974.
On the margin: transcripts
sent by Bishop Br[onisław] D[ąbrowski]
Warsaw, 20 February 1979
Warsaw, 14 February 1979
Holy Father,
I had the opportunity to speak to Dr Wisłocki today. I somewhat coerced him to give me information on how Your Holiness endured this demanding trip to Mexico.
Please forgive this rape of a man so dear and trusted to the Holy Father. However, I justified it with the “agenda” I carry in my heart for Your Holiness. After all, John Paul II is to be the Pope of the Two Millennium, and he must have enough of the strength that God has given him for this extended period of work.
After such demanding work, resting for two days in C[astel] G[andolfo] is definitely not enough. Perhaps trips by helicopter to the lakeside gardens should be more frequent.
Watching the people’s reactions in Mexico, I felt how much the Sheep of Christ need a Shepherd. The conversion of our Cardinals and Bishops into Shepherds is some kind of urgent order from the universal Church. Perhaps it would take even more to liberate their ceremonial “celebration” of themselves for people to see Christ in them. The Cardinals, in particular, are still too rigid and inaccessible, although there are already more and more people with a pastoral attitude.
The people’s reaction in Mexico indicates how much the people are longing for the openness of the confession of Christ before the people.
How tired they are of “dialoguing and pluralism” and even “ecumenism” worries them. They expect the truth — “Thou art the Christ” in the style of St Peter.
Many bachelors who were cramped in cassocks — especially at the Vatican — should go back into cassocks again. Especially from monastic communities, where it is worse than among diocesan clergy.
The Joint Commission is working somewhere on a project to receive Your Holiness in Poland. It is not possible to postpone this arrival. I explain to the political authorities that postponing the arrival would be seen as detrimental to the governmental and political authorities.
Bishop Dąbrowski is ready to come as soon as possible to present a report to Your Holiness personally.
I reverently kiss the Apostolic Hands and ask for the Apostolic Blessing.
† Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński