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The collection of the Tertio Millennio Institute on the JP2online portal includes 54 interviews with people whose fate was connected with Karol Wojtyła - John Paul II.
Among them there are people who remembered Karol Wojtyla from Wadowice and the times under the occupation, then from pastoral work in Krakow; students and professors of the Catholic University of Lublin; priests and employees of the Krakow Curia, representatives of the so-called „Milieu", scientists and artists with whom Karol Wojtyla cooperated, and then John Paul II, as well as politicians and representatives of the former anti-communist opposition.

The interviews were recorded within the John Paul II Media Archive project by the Tertio Millennio Institute Foundation in cooperation with the Fr. Joseph Tischner European University. Between 2006 and 2010, recollections of about 150 people were recorded on film. They were recorded in the form of notations lasting from 2 to 6 hours. In cooperation with the Centre for Thoughts of John Paul II and thanks to the co-financing of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, in 2017 selected interviews were prepared and edited to a shorter form, containing the most interesting stories.


The Tertio Millennio Institute is the owner of the copyright and the related rights to the interviews presented here.
You can download video files from JP2online and use them under the free CC license BY-NC-ND 3.0 EN

 This license permits distribution, representation and performance of the work only for non-commercial purposes under the condition that it is preserved in its original form ( no creation of derivative works) and that the authorship of the work is marked accordingly.
Each time information on the origin of the interview used must be provided: "The footage comes from the archives of the Tertio Millennio Institute".

Should you wish to use the footage for commercial purposes, a broader license is required. Should you wish to see longer versions of the testimonies or interviews recorded by the Tertio Millennio Institute, please contact the owner:
Foundation "Tertio Millennio Institute", 3/13 Dominikańska Street, 31-043 Kraków, tel. 12 423 11 75
[email protected]

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