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The Polish Radio collection includes:
a) Broadcasts and reports of the events that took place during John Paul II's nine pilgrimages to Poland, including recordings of all the homilies, speeches, as well as a record of conversations with the faithful, e.g. the famous dialogues of the Pope with the youth from the window at Franciszkańska 3 in Krakow;
b) Programmes from 1978-2005, in which the Pope's religious and political activities were discussed and commented upon on an ongoing basis, i.e. the issuance of a new encyclical or speech at the United Nations headquarters in New York, as well as groundbreaking events such as the inauguration of his pontificate or the assassination attempt on John Paul II;
c) The audio material which is a record of John Paul II's foreign pilgrimages, including liturgical celebrations (e.g. beatification and canonization masses) and commentators' statements;
d) A collection of programmes and memoirs recorded shortly after John Paul II's death in 2005, which are a record of national mourning, as well as a summary of the great pontificate (from 2006-2016).
The Polish Radio has in its archive about 1500 programmes related to the Polish Pope, including:
  • 800 hours of recordings documenting the pilgrimage of John Paul II (Poland and the world);
  • 240 hours of broadcasts devoted to John Paul II
  • 100 hours of information magazines containing comments on events related to the pontificate of John Paul II.
These include broadcasts of historical events in Poland and around the world, interviews with their participants, reports and information programmes, e.g.: the information block of 13 May 1981, the day of the assassination attempt on John Paul II, full broadcasts of masses at Zwycięstwa Square (2 June 1979) or at Gdańsk Zaspa (12 June 1987).
Polish Radio has so far provided the Centre for Thought of John Paul II with information about the Polish Pope and 287 files with recorded homilies and speeches given during his pilgrimages to the Homeland. The cooperation will continue in the following years.

Polish Radio is the sole disposer of the medium and the owner or licensee of the proprietary copyrights and related rights to the digital resources made available. You can listen to all these materials on JP2online, without any download or further use.
If you want to acquire and/or use fragments of the presented programmes, please contact the Polish Radio:
Archive of Polish Radio S.A., phone 22 645 50 73, [email protected]

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