The National Archives in Krakow
The National Archive in Krakow collection on JP2online contains the following information:
a)    documents from the interwar period concerning the Wojtyła family, testimonies from the occupation period concerning young Karol Wojtyła;
b)    Bishop Wojtyla's correspondence with the authorities of the People's Republic of Poland from the early 1960s until his election as Pope, including correspondence concerning conflicts between the communist authorities and the Church: from the letter of Polish bishops to the German bishops, through the 1966 Millennium of Baptism of Poland to the issue of building the Church of the Lord's Ark in Nowa Huta;
c)    documentation concerning preparations of the Polish People's Republic authorities for the successive pilgrimages of John Paul II to his homeland, including correspondence with representatives of the Church, numerous internal party analyses concerning the influence of particular pilgrimages on the social situation in the country.
In 2018, on the basis of an agreement with the General Directorate of State Archives, a general search was carried out in all 32 state archives, which are under its authority, in order to locate archives related to Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II. In the National Archives in Cracow, 272 documents were found which were prepared and made available on JP2online.

You can view NAK documents, but if you want to copy and/or use them, please contact their owner:
National Archive in Kraków, 30-960 Kraków, 16 Sienna Street;; e-mail: [email protected]; tel. +48 12 422 40 94; +48 12 421 27 90; +48 12 421 68 81; fax +48 12 421 35 44

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The National Archives in Krakow

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