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The Centre for the Thought of John Paul II collection on JP2online contains the following information:
a) 150 video interviews - testimonies of witnesses of the life and ministry of John Paul II recorded within the Mediateka CMJP2 project in the years 2007-2018. The long recordings (from 2 to 4 hours) with friends, co-workers, journalists, representatives of the Church, the world of science and culture, as well as Karol Wojtyła's pupils and parishioners, were shortened to 15-40 minutes long forms, containing the most interesting elements;
b) 6 documentaries produced by CMJP2;
c) 68 radio programmes prepared within the framework of the "Radio Freedom" project in 2009 in connection with the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the first pilgrimage of John Paul II to the Homeland;


The Centre for the Thought of John Paul II is the owner of the copyright and the related rights to the interviews presented here.
Some of the presented materials can be downloaded and used in non-commercial educational, research and popularization projects (interviews by Mediateka CMJP2 - under free licences). Each time you should provide information on the source of the material used: "The film material/audit comes from the archives of The Centre for Thoughts of John Paul II".
Detailed rules for using these works can be found in the "Copyright" tab next to each of the viewed material.

Should you wish to use the audiovisual material presented by CMJP2 for commercial purposes or need a wider licence, please contact the owner:

The Centre for the Thought of John Paul II, Foksal 11, 00-372 Warsaw, +48 798 465 210, +48 22 826 42 21,

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