Biographical exhibition on Google Arts&Culture

On the world's largest platform for making collections available online you can already see the exhibition about John Paul II. It is the result of cooperation between the Center for the Thought of John Paul II and the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The exhibition "Karol Wojtyła. The Birth" takes you on a journey through the breakthrough moments of Pope John Paul II's life. It focuses mainly on the period before the election to the capital of St. Peter, but also shows the breakthrough moments of his pontificate.
The online exhibition, available in Polish and English, consists of over 50 objects, including photographs and a film. Among them you can find archival photographs from the Pope's childhood, Krakow from World War II and important places visited by John Paul II during his pontificate. The materials were obtained from individuals, institutions, press agencies, as well as from the collections of the Center for the Thought of John Paul II.

The exhibition is also available as a printable pdf file: institutions, parishes, associations, schools, libraries and other entities can obtain (also in English) and print it themselves free of charge.